Video Production!

This past weekend was a busy one. On Friday I shot video at a wedding and reception in Portage and Valparaiso, respectively (thanks to Joe for his assistance!); on Saturday I shot video at the recital we held for our music students; on Sunday I got to play along with our worship band after church (I'll be playing occasionally starting soon). The weekend rolled on into Monday when I shot a promotional video for the EZ-Trieve Pen, a product for which I am helping with marketing and launch strategy. (Thanks to Will for his assistance!) After that wrapped up we had a couple of hours before our next thing so we went to Notre Dame and wandered around filming things.

I wanted to get a feel for working with the footage from the C100 because it had been a while, and also I wanted to stretch my editing muscles with something inconsequential (again because it had been a while) so I dumped all of the ND shots into Premiere and picked out the ones that were least bad. Behold:

This was much fun to shoot and refreshing to edit. Next up will be the recital video because I can knock it out quickly and then the wedding video because I promised a 2-week turnaround time. The EZ-Trieve pen will require another day of shooting further down the road before I have everything I need so it will be on hold for a bit as soon as I get some preliminary work done first.

When the recital and wedding videos are complete my next project will be to finish the logo and website for my friend Chelsea, who is an editor (of words, not videos) and you should hire her if you need any words edited. Clearly I could use some help in this area but this is just a silly blog so I think we'll be okay. If you have anything that matters, though - a book, say, or a dissertation, or even a resume/cover letter - you should definitely email and she can help you out.

Well there we have it. It looks like this blog achieved its stated goal once again, because I made a thing and shared it with the internet. Thanks for being here!