December Project: Music

The Christmas season is among my favorite times of year. I love the concept (and reality) of our God coming to Earth - the Holy becoming lowly in order to find communion with his creation. That Christ would live among us, as one of us, is an idea that fills me with warmth and gives an unspeakable sense of hope, joy, and peace. I also really enjoy giving gifts and seeing family, so many of the traditions that go along with Christmas add an extra layer of happiness for me.

It should not be surprising, then, that I also really enjoy Christmas music. The theology that is often packed into it is powerful and moving, and Christmas songs have a unique ability to transport us to that time of year and all the feelings that accompany it no matter when we listen.

I have recorded songs before (I'll embed two of them below) but have not recorded any Christmas music to date. My goals with this project are:

  • to successfully record and share at least one Christmas-related song by Dec. 24
  • to record a performance video for this song
  • to use at least two audio tracks in the production process.

I have only done a little bit with multitrack audio recording in the past, so that will likely be the biggest growth area for me on this project. I have recorded single-take, one-track performance videos in the past, so that aspect of the project should be pretty manageable for me.

Neither rendition is perfect, but I am glad to have recorded these songs and put them out in public. I hope to feel the same about the upcoming project when it is complete :)

I'd love your input - what Christmas song would you like me to record? Comment below with ideas!