Day 2

I'd like to share a bit about why I'm posting here - why I set up this website and what it's for.

This fall, my wife Caitlin and a group of friends have been going through the Storyline process developed by Donald Miller and based on the philosophy of Viktor Frankl. The basic premise is that fulfillment comes not from the pursuit of pleasure, but from the pursuit of a meaningful life. Miller presents this in the framework of story: Our lives are subplots in the story of God. God invites us to join in his story, but because we have agency - the ability to make choices and act - we may choose how (and if) we participate in that story.

The Storyline process has helped me clarify my ambitions in the context of my life roles (father, husband, creative). It has taught me that conflict is to be embraced as a healthy part of change rather than avoided in favor of a comfortable life. It has helped me create a decision filter so that I can respond appropriately to opportunities in order to move forward.

So, what does Storyline have to do with this blog? I'm glad I asked. Storyline has helped me realize that I was created to create. Our God is immensely creative, and I feel closest to him when exercising my own creativity (which is a reflection of His - after all, we were created in God's image). One of my biggest weaknesses is a sort of hybrid between perfectionism and fear of rejection that sometimes paralyzes me into inaction. I get stuck thinking that the world might end if I mess up and so I don't start a project or hesitate to share it with others. I set up this site as a way to force myself into action and to share that action with others.

Action > Inaction

Doing something is always better than talking about doing something.

I am here to create. To build. To repair. To learn how things work and why they don't. To reflect a little of God's creativity and to share it with those around me. I'd be delighted for you to join me.