Buy My Things

I've added a new section to this website titled "Buy My Things," which ought to be straightforward enough for you to figure out.

I have too much stuff, so I am selling some of it. Right now everything I have listed is new or used skate gear, but I expect to have miscellaneous other stuff up there sooner or later.


This section was set up using the Commerce features built into Squarespace, which was pretty easy to configure, but there are two things I don't like about it. 1) Payment processing is required to go through Stripe. I'd much rather just use PayPal, but whatever. 2) Shipping charges are either really smart or really dumb, and I'd like something that falls somewhere in the middle. For example, you can either have it calculate shipping based on total weight of everything (which requires me to know the weights of the things I'm selling) or it can charge a flat rate per order plus an optional flat fee per item. If I were selling a bunch of stuff that was all roughly the same size and weight this might make sense, but since I've got everything from skate wheels to complete skateboards listed up there right now, it doesn't really fit. Using that second method may end up way overcharging people who just buy a set of wheels, or way undercharging people who buy three skate decks. It also doesn't allow for local pickup, though you could set that as an secondary shipping option I guess. Actually, I'm going to add that right now.

[several minutes later]

Okay, so now people can choose "local pickup" if they're going to get the stuff from me directly. The other option, which I was getting to before I got distracted, is labeled "BILL SHIPPING SEPARATELY," which pretty much does as it says on the tin. With this option I'll go ahead and ship the items, send the customer an email with the exact shipping fees I paid, and hope they reimburse me via PayPal or something. If I were running a business I wouldn't really trust people to do that, but since my main goal is to get rid of stuff I figure it's worth the risk of losing out on a few bucks in order to cut down on the junk in my house.