Format Change


Just a quick update: The template I had been using no longer supported the display of thumbnail images alongside the excerpt entries on my main blog page, rendering it dull and lifeless. I switched it over to this one because it came the closest to how I wanted the blog page to display, but it made the thumbnail images full-width with no apparent way to make them smaller. So from here on out I’ll be using wide thumbnails so as not to take up too much vertical space, though unfortunately that means when they get cropped to squares for Facebook sharing it’s gonna be real weird. Oh well. Such is life when you let someone else design your site. (In this case, by the way, that’s Squarespace, and I would not personally recommend them anymore due to mostly-other reasons, but they’re okay enough to keep using if you need to.)

So that’s why things look different, in case you noticed. I’m not going to go back and reformat all the old thumbnails because it would take forever.

Also, the tagline for my site which had previously been hidden (which I also forgot I had written in) is now visible thanks to the template change. Context: “Make and Do” was the title of book 9 of the set of Childcraft books my family had when I was growing up and it had all kinds of crafts and activity ideas in it, many of which I attempted. Interestingly enough, my parents were trying to clear up some shelf space during my last visit and they gave me that very set of books! Behold:


Notice how book #9 is visibly more worn than the others! My other favorite when I was very young was book #3, “World and Space” because… well, read my last post, I guess.