I got the rare chance to play guitar, just for fun, for a good 30+ minutes tonight (life with kids is a life of interruption) and somewhere along the line I felt the music grab hold of me in a way I haven't felt in years. I can only describe it as a rock and roll feeling, and if you've been there I bet you know exactly what I mean. It wasn't just me playing the guitar anymore; the guitar was playing me, too. The harder I hit the chords, the harder the guitar hit back. The music began to move me, emotionally at first and then physically, until I was nearly throwing the instrument with each strum.

I was glad to be in a basement with the windows closed.

That rock and roll feeling reminded me why I picked up a guitar in the first place, and it gave me hope that my life could continue to have such experiences. It took me back to a time during my high school years when I went over to our empty church, turned up the distortion channel on our amp, and coaxed eerie howls from our electric guitar. It reminded me that music need not be merely heard, that at times it can be felt - deep within the soul, a language incommunicable in the realm of words.

Allow me to pause for a moment and dispel any misconception that I might be a talented guitarist. This is not the case, and any claim of virtuosity I could make would be laughably false. I first pursued guitar-playing somewhere around 16 years ago, but considering the endeavor as a whole I am an average player. Even so, I am deeply grateful for this instrument and for its ability to communicate with its player so viscerally.

In an unexpected turn of events (I did not see this post heading here) allow me to mention the following: After a couple of years spent resisting the idea, I have opened up to taking on a few guitar students through our family business, Caitlin & Peter | south bend music education. I'm developing a curriculum for beginning players and plan to roll it out more broadly in August for an autumn 10-week session. If you might be interested in joining me, send a message to our Facebook page (linked above) or email me directly ( I'll put together a contact list and send out additional information as the course becomes more fully developed. I look forward to sharing my love of music with you :)