Jeremy and Dayana

Yesterday I wrote about finding wins when you feel like you're losing. As part of that post I shared that a video I was working on wouldn't be done in time to include it in yesterday's blog post, which had been one of my goals.

Well, sometimes you have to go looking for wins, and sometimes the wins find you. Within 15 minutes of publishing yesterday's post, the rest of that video fell together perfectly and I was able to get it done very quickly.

Here it is:

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"But wait," says a hypothetical reader, "didn't you just say something like a week ago about not doing these videos anymore?" To which I respond: thanks for reading! You are correct. This is my last video from the Ecuador trip and probably my last video for Epic for a while. It feels good to cleanly close one chapter in my creative journey and move on to the next one.

This brings me back to my December project: recording a Christmas song! I'm still taking suggestions at this point and will probably start the recording process on Sunday or Monday.

Thank you for joining me as I attempt to move forward as a creative. It's remarkably encouraging to know that people have been reading along (readership has ranged from 7 to 78 over the past couple of weeks) and, as I had hoped, your support has helped me continue to do things and share them with the internet.