Finding Wins

I had a big plan for today, and today didn't quite go according to that plan. This is okay.

I have been working on a video that I had planned to reveal for today's blog post, and it won't be done until after midnight - so it won't be done today. This is okay.

I could have looked at my failure and thrown the whole "blog every day for a month" idea out the window. I've messed up now, so there's no point in continuing, right? That's what I might have said a few years ago, maybe even a few months ago. But this month is different. Because this month, I have decided that action is greater than inaction. That I'm going to use this website to move toward my ambition as a creative. That I'm going to finish things that were left unfinished for too long. That I'm going to find wins even when I feel defeated.

My win for today is to see the progress I've made and be satisfied with where I'm going as a creative. This month has been incredibly productive for me so far and having one day where I didn't hit a milestone doesn't mean I'm not moving.

Life doesn't always go as planned, dreams don't always come true, and people sometimes mess up. You might find yourself outside of where you need to be right now. This is okay. Find a win and use that to drive yourself toward your goal.

It's not so much about how close you are as it is about which way you're facing. If you find a perspective that points you in the right direction, any progress (no matter how small) will get you closer to whatever it is you're working toward.